Emergencies & Business Continuity

Emergencies & Business Continuity

About this Lunch & Learn

The idea of this Lunch & Learn training resource is that it can be used at a time and place to suit the practice and staff will benefit most when there is a wide range of skills present at the training session.

There are seven scenarios with which to discuss with the staff – and hopefully there will be lots of discussion! There are many different answers to the questions put, but hopefully throughout the discussion, common themes will emerge and lessons learned for the future.

The viewpoint of a receptionist will be different from that of a GP but the viewpoints will both be essential and a respect of all the different roles that each person plays in each scenario will enhance the efficiency of the practice in an emergency situation.

Delegate Feedback:

“I’ve run the session for all staff 3 times in the last month with great discussion and feedback each time. The staff have found it really valuable to have a cross-team discussion, the admin staff have raised concerns about things like interrupting doctors, use of the panic button, and calling ambulances (and indeed on Tuesday we had one of the scenarios actually happen, and the receptionist involved were able to put practice into reality with a great result).

As a manager and trainer, I really enjoyed delivering the sessions and thought it was good value for money and pitched just at the right level for good interaction across all the teams. The supporting documents were good and the team are keen to do another.”

Certificates of attendance are provided as part of the package, and don’t forget to log your learning points & reflections as part of your CPD. CQC are particularly keen to see any evidence of your learning and how you apply it.

We welcome any feedback from you and your staff when you have run any of our Lunch and Learn training resources.

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