About this Lunch & Learn

Wessex LMCs is keen to support all the national work on Dementia and sees this resource as a major way in getting some messages across to all who work in general practice.  This training resource is to give everyone a basic idea of what dementia is and what the common symptoms are. It looks briefly too at the main risk factors to dementia. Subsequently, there are the tools which can be used to enable you to become a dementia friendly practice.

The aim of the session is to widen awareness of the illness and the effect it can have on patients and how as a practice you can make changes to enhance the care of your dementia patients.

Please do not be daunted by all the suggestions within the iSPACE programme – just making a few changes in the right direction is a great start. All staff should benefit from this – and please encourage locums to join you if you run a lunchtime session for all staff.

Delegate Feedback:

I think it is really good, very informative and a really useful training tool. The videos are certainly well worth the (combined) 10 or so minutes they take to watch.

The other aspect to bear in mind is this package can (I believe) be tailored to different audiences but still achieve the desired results. I would certainly (and strongly) encourage any audience to watch both films – the second one by Dr Bute (to me) just reminds every single member of an audience that we are all human and just as fallible to this disease – no matter what our intellectual or physical ability level.

Certificates of attendance are provided as part of the package, and don’t forget to log your learning points & reflections as part of your CPD. CQC are particularly keen to see any evidence of your learning and how you apply it.

We welcome any feedback from you and your staff when you have run any of our Lunch and Learn training resources.

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