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LMC chief to lead government review of GP partnership model

11 May 2018, GP Online

The review, announced in February, will look at how the partnership model needs to evolve to meet the needs of a modern NHS.

The GP appointed to lead the review is a current GPC member, a long-standing chair of one of the largest LMCs in England - and has been heavily involved in developing emerging new models of care.

Dr Watson is the former chair of a multispecialty community provider (MCP) that established musculoskeletal practitioners and fully-funded pharmacists in GP practices and implemented an electronic consulting service in more than 80% of Hampshire practices.

He has also played a leading role in developing the voluntary MCP contract - which aimed to bring GP practices into a 'multi-year contract with payment operating on the basis of a whole population budget, a new pay-for-performance incentive scheme and risk-and gain-share agreement with the acute sector'.

To read the full article click here:  LMC chief to lead government review of GP partnership model

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