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Learning / Intellectual Disabilities - Audio & Video Podcasts and Recorded Webinars

You can record your reflections on this form or via your learning diary here: CQC are particularly keen to see any evidence of your listening and how you apply it.

The Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training on Learning Disability and Autism

Read more about the training requirements here

Autism Awareness in Primary Care

Dr Laura Edwards talks with Dr Gemma Langman, Clinical Champion for Learning Disability and Autism for the Hampshire and IOW ICB. 

Gemma has a passion for neurodiversity and explains more about the modalities of autism. She also provides tips for clinicians to improve consultations and best support patients with autism.

Listen to the podcast here

Learning Disabilities Awareness in Primary Care

Dr Laura Edwards talks with Dr Gemma Langman, Clinical Champion for Learning Disability and Autism for the Hampshire & IOW ICB. This discussion aims to bring awareness and increase understanding and confidence in dealing with patients with learning disabilities.

Listen to the podcast here

Wessex LMCs: Learning Disabilities: The Annual Health Check

Alcohol and Young people with Special Educational Needs

Wessex LMCs Nurse Advisor Zoe Tobin talks to Karen Perryman, Regional Manager of the Alcohol Education Trust for the South West/Midlands about alcohol and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN), included in this discussion -

How do you talk about alcohol the ‘drug’ to young people with SEN, including explaining Government guidance and the concept of ‘units’, and the effects of alcohol on their social. Physical and emotional wellbeing?

How do you ensure that a young person knows where to go for help if they have been affected by alcohol?

Useful links mentioned in the podcast:

Listen to the podcast here

Learning Disabilities in Patients - Autism: What is our role in Primary Care? - 29th September 2021

Micky Koenig from the Wiltshire Autism Diagnostic Service will be joined by David Reynolds who lives with autism. David is an expert patient and experienced speaker. He will share his personal experiences of living with autism and making sense of his adult diagnosis with insight as to what our role in primary care is.

This interactive session will cover preconceptions of autism. It will cover the social signs, symptoms and an understanding of what a mis-diagnosis is like.

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Wessex LMCs members can access this free of charge recording here

Down Syndrome today - 11th November 2020

This hour's education promises to be informative, eye opening, fun and interactive. It will cover a huge amount of relevant information to help you develop your own understanding of Down syndrome and help inform your practice. We will explore Down syndrome, associated health conditions for children and adults, annual learning disability health check considerations, and an overview of the specific learning profile. It will highlight the importance of inclusion and how to support the individual and their family and challenge stereotypes and language used.

We have two passionate and dedicated trainers Alice Osborne and Dr Anjali Chandra delivering the session.

To purchase access to this recording please click here:

Flu 2020/21 Learning Disability and Autism Flu Delivery

This  short film presentation  supports general practice and pharmacy teams to carry out flu vaccinations for people with a learning disability and autistic people who may be eligible for a vaccination. The film covers why it is important, who is eligible for a free vaccine, reasonable adjustments, consent and decision making. A parent of a 16-year-old with a learning disability describes how GPs and pharmacists can support families to make sure their relatives can have their vaccination.

Patients with Learning Disabilities and the Flu Jab

In this Podcast Michelle Lombardi, Director of Primary Care, talks with Becky Sparks, Registered Learning Disability Nurse, about how practices can make changes to encourage those with learning disabilities to receive the flu jab.

Useful links:

Information for GP's and Primary care staff : Southern Health NHS Foundation Trus

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