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Learning Disabilities: Screening

There is universally poor uptake of screening invites by patients with LD.  This may be multi-factorial but we are in a good position to drive improvement in attendance.  The screening service receives no routine information as to whether an individual has a LD or not.  Appointments are sent out en masse therefore the standard appointment time allocated may be insufficient/inappropriate and surgeries can play a role.  GP surgeries might wish to inform local screening services about eligible patients and then reasonable adjustments can be made including easier read invites and longer appointments for screening.  It is good practice to discuss screening that a patient is eligible for at the Annual Health Check (AHC).  GP surgeries can provide easy to read information/leaflets to help patients make informed decisions about screening invitations.  This is an ideal opportunity to gain consent for sharing of their health record with screening agencies which can be discussed during the AHC.

Cervical screening

Do not assume just because a person has a learning disability that they are not sexually active.  The uptake for cervical screening in patients with LD is very low.  The following resources might help improve this.

Information for patients with LDs – includes a useful film of women with LDs discussing smear tests

Easy read leaflets
Having a smear test
Cervical Screening: an easy guide

Breast screening

Information for clinicians
Supporting women with Learning Disability to access breast screening

Information for patients with LDs
Easy read leaflet to breast screening

Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm screening

For men who are 65 or older
Easy read leaflet to AAA screening

Bowel screening

Bowel cancer screening is currently offered to everyone aged 60 - 74 and is currently being expanded to eventually cover everyone aged 50 - 74.
Easy read leaflet about bowel cancer screening

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