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Patient Experience Manager - Hedge End Medical Centre

We are looking for an intelligent, eloquent, assertive person who ideally has experience with dealing with complaints. NHS experience is also preferred but not essential.

ROLE SUMMARY: To facilitate an excellent patient experience, the role will include complaints and feedback handling, social media, website, waiting room and brand.

1* Main Responsibilities*

The post holder will work closely with the Senior Management Team to provide an excellent patient experience.

2* Complaints*

Monitoring of the “feedback” email address as well as incoming verbal and written complaints. The post holder will be responsible for acknowledgement of any formal complaints, providing the patient with the complaints leaflet, and ensuring that any third part complaints have patient consent to communicate. They will then draft a response to any formal complaints and ask the relevant member of staff for their response / input as required. They will ensure that responses are provided in a timely manner, and that documentation is filed and logged for the complaints audit. They will provide a monthly report to the lead Partner and Practice Manager on complaints received as well as any themes and trends. They will ensure that Significant Event reports are made by the relevant member of staff where applicable.

The post holder will ensure the complaints procedure and patient leaflets are kept up to date.

3* Feedback*

The post holder will ensure that compliments and positive feedback is cascaded to the relevant member of staff and their team lead / manager.

4* Social Media*

Working with the Practice Manager, the post holder will ensure that the Facebook page is kept up to date, and that comments and messages are responded to in a timely and professional manner. They will use software including Doodly and Canva to produce professional marketing for use on social media.

The post holder will manage the practice Twitter account.

5* Website*

Working with the IT team and the Practice Manager, the post holder will keep the website up to date.

6* Waiting room publicity*

The post holder will ensure that the media in the waiting room is kept up to date.

Working with the Practice Manager, the brand of the practice will be developed. This will include corporate colours, logo, font, headers, footers for internal and customer facing information.

8* Zero Tolerance*

Working with the Practice Manager and the Team Leads, the post holder will ensure that the zero tolerance message is promoted to patients of the practice, and that where a breach occurs, the relevant authorities are informed and their processes followed.

9* DBS check*

The practice will need to undertake an enhanced DBS check for this role.

10 Uniform

A name badge will be provided and this should be worn at all times.

11 Meetings

It will be necessary to attend practice meetings as requested.

12 Place of working

This role will be a hybrid of office and home working to include 1 day of home working and 3-4 days of office working. Alternatively the role can be solely office-based.

13 Data Protection Act 2018

Under the provision of the Act it is the responsibility of each member of staff to ensure that all computerised information to which they have access to in the course of their employment, is strictly confidential.

14 Confidentiality

The post holder will be in possession of personal details of patients and their treatment. This information is highly confidential and must not be discussed or divulged to any unauthorised person. Any breach of confidentiality will result in instant dismissal.

15 Review

This post will be subject to Individual Performance Review system of Performance Appraisal.

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11.44 - 12.44
Hedge End Medical Centre
24-48 Lower Northam Road, Hedge End, Southampton SO30 0AQ