Current Vacancies

Band 7 Clinical Pharmacist – Winchester Rural North & East PCN - Winchester Rural North & East PCN

Location: Various – across the Winchester Rural North & East PCN

To be part of a multi-skilled primary care team in a patient facing role providing patient centred medical services based on patient needs with a focus on continuity of care. Including:

Medication Review

  • Be responsible for the care management of patients with chronic diseases and undertake clinical medication reviews to proactively manage people with complex polypharmacy, especially the elderly, people in care homes, those with multiple co-morbidities and people with learning disabilities or autism
  • Review the on-going need for each medication, ensuring monitoring needs are performed and use the opportunity to support patients achieve better health outcomes through shared decision-making conversations
  • Support patients to take their medications to get the best from them, reduce waste and promote self-care
  • Make appropriate recommendations to prescribers

Long-term condition clinics

  • Manage and run long term condition clinics particularly for patients with complicated medication regimes

Care Home Medication Reviews

  • Undertake clinical medication reviews, formulate a medicines optimisation plan jointly with the patient/ carer and facilitate its implementation by working with other professionals, services and agencies as necessary
  • Work with care home staff to improve safety of medicines ordering and administration.

Medicines information

  • Take part in the pharmacy team central rota to answers relevant medicine-related enquiries from GPs, other practice staff, other healthcare teams (e.g. community pharmacy) and patients.
  • Suggest and recommend solutions using clinical knowledge and trusted pharmaceutical sources

Medicine Reconciliation

  • Carry out medication reviews and reconciliation for all new care home patients and for patients whose care is transferred back into primary care.

Medicines Management

  • Provide specialist expertise in the use of medicines whilst helping to address both the public health and social care needs of patients at the PCN’s practices and to help in tackling inequalities
  • Undertake and lead on any specific medicines optimisation-based projects/portfolio areas of work as may be required by the Pharmacy Team

Collaborating Working Relationships

  • Having a leadership role in supporting further integration of general practice with the wider healthcare teams (including community and hospital pharmacy) to help improve patient outcomes, ensure better access to healthcare and help manage general practice workload
  • Develop relationships and work closely with pharmacy professionals within and across the PCN and the wider health and social care system
  • Take a central role in the clinical aspects of shared care protocols, clinical research with medicines, liaison with specialist pharmacists, liaison with community pharmacists and anticoagulation
  • Explore the potential for collaborative working and create opportunities to initiate and sustain such relationships

Education and Training

  • Enrol in the NHS England CPPE Primary care pharmacy education program (if not already undertaken) and complete the 18-month course if not already completed. This will be fully supported by the PCN and time allocated for study days.
  • Being a prescriber, or will be completing training to become prescriber, and will work with and alongside the general practice teams
  • Provide specialist education to pharmacy colleagues, nursing staff and GPs on aspects of medicines optimisation
  • Demonstrate self-development through continuous professional development
  • Develop a good working knowledge of the clinical systems used by the practices
  • Attend internal and external meetings and any training courses and supervision sessions as required.

Additional responsibilities

  • Support the implementation of national prescribing policies and guidance within GP practices, care homes and other primary care settings. This will be achieved through undertaking clinical audits, supporting quality improvement measures and contributing to the Quality and Outcomes Framework and enhanced services.
  • Support the delivery of the pharmacy and medicines optimisation elements of the network service specifications within the Network Contract DES
  • Work with GPs and Pharmacy Technicians to create processes and Standard Operating Procedures for use within the practice and pharmacy teams, which offer improvement in consistency and delivery of our services to patients.
  • Contribute pharmaceutical advice for the development and implementation of new services
  • To liaise with the practices and, where practicable, to standardise the medicines management process across the PCN

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Winchester Rural North & East PCN
Alresford, Hampshire