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Innovative Appendix-PODS, or "Micro-teams"

The global pandemic means that practices or GPs working at scale are using innovative ways to deliver care whilst we co-exist with Covid-19.

This appendix lists innovative ideas/pilots from across General Practice to give examples of the opportunities that exist to deliver care differently.  

We would like this to be a developing electronic resource moving forwards and would value your input and ideas to share with colleagues across Wessex. Please complete this    link ​​   with the details of your innovation. If you encounter any issues with the link or to discuss an innovation further please email:

PODs or "Micro-teams"

The evidence supports the concept that continuity of care improves patient and doctor satisfaction and improves outcomes.  The risk of forming larger teams is that continuity of care is sacrificing to gain the advantages of working at scale.  

The concept of clinical pods aims to capitalise on the benefits of working at scale whilst retaining the team approach to continuity of care.  This works well with newer more flexible working patterns to ensure adequate cross-cover in both clinically and non-clinical staff. 

In brief we can divide General Practice service delivery into: 

The Pod supports patients but also helps with resilience.  

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