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Innovative Appendix-Paediatric Hubs

The global pandemic means that practices or GPs working at scale are using innovative ways to deliver care whilst we co-exist with Covid-19.

This appendix lists innovative ideas/pilots from across General Practice to give examples of the opportunities that exist to deliver care differently.  

We would like this to be a developing electronic resource moving forwards and would value your input and ideas to share with colleagues across Wessex. Please complete this   link   with the details of your innovation. If you encounter any issues with the link or to discuss an innovation further please email:  

Paediatric Hubs 


These have been developed in Hampshire working in partnership with the Healthier Together Team and the STP. 


Once a month a Consultant Paediatrician holds a clinic in a practice within a PCN locality. They are joined by a GP for the session. The model has local flexibility and in some areas a GP can ‘sit in’ for the clinic with the opportunity to listen and learn from the session.  Patients are directly booked in by the local GPs.  In some areas the same GP will work with the Consultant and they will both see patients who are directly booked into the clinic by the patient’s GP with the notes made on the GP patient records.  


At the end of the session there is an MDT which offers the opportunity for an GP, ANP, Health Visitor etc. to join the MDT to discuss any child where there is a concern. 


The benefits of the Paediatric Hub include better access to specialist advice, closer working relationships with the Paediatric service, improved communication, increases knowledge and skill for the participating GP and a more convenient service for families closer to their homes with improved outcomes.  The family satisfaction scores are high and the feedback from all clinicians is positive.   


As we have become more used to using video conferencing the use of Microsoft teams for the MDT may also increase participation across larger geographic footprints thereby broadening the opportunities for members to engage. 

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