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Information & support for nurses during Covid-19

The way primary care is working now has evolved quickly over the past few weeks in response to the challenges of Covid 19. This has led to new ways of working which is likely to shape Primary Care in the future. Many nurses will already have been involved or have had the opportunity to trial new ways of working during this time. Please remember it is essential that all registered nurses continue to work within their scope of practice and capabilities. This document aims to recognise the challenging times currently, support nurses with undertaking work now and to promote thinking about the future.

How and if this ‘different’ way of working is effective and sustainable will at some point need to be evaluated. Nurses are working differently increasingly taking on a variety of roles including triage and video consultations, this impact on staff, workload and patient care will need to be considered. Care still needs to be provided for ‘routine’ activities but possibly in a different way by nurses and HCAs, also taking time to plan for a gradual return to a new normality. The emphasis should be on providing safe, quality, and effective care to the patient population. It is also vital in these challenging times to look after the wellbeing of self and others. Some resources to aid this process are included within this document.

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