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Infection Control

MRSA Swabs for Hospitals (Pre-Op Screening)

GPs are often asked to perform MRSA swabs on their patients on behalf of hospitals often as part of an assessment prior to admission for surgery.

It has always been the LMC view that MRSA is not a community problem and that this is not part of core GMS and should therefore not be undertaken without the appropriate funding e.g. a local contract.

The responsibility for MRSA screening and eradication/reduction treatments rests with the secondary care provider and should not be passed back to the GP for action. We will continue to press each primary care organisation to ensure this is part of the commissioning contract with all providers.

Healthcare Acquired Infections - Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Root Cause Analysis is a structured learning exercise to:

RCAs are implemented, completed and followed-up on patients who are:

The acute trust notifies the primary care organisation that an 'internal Area Team process' is being followed, which involves requesting GP notes 

Anonymised completed RCAs are then reviewed and any necessary actions are followed up in association with GPs.

There have been insufficient cases of C difficile to permit identification of common trends, but common trends in MRSA infection have been identified. There was no geographic clustering identified. 

The target time scale for completion of an RCA is 15 days which permits prompt action if necessary.  GPs are being asked to help by responding promptly to requests for information relating to Healthcare Acquired Infections.

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