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Health and Wellbeing: Introduction

We live and work in difficult times. Everyday the news seems full of bad news stories, the pressure of daily life seems to increase exponentially and there never seems to be enough time in the day. The NHS is facing unprecedented challenges as it struggles to meet increasing demands and expectations with flat funding and  politicians that seem happy to use it as a political football.

Life in the practice is also increasingly challenging. The working day seems to get longer and longer with ever more tasks and pressures. The days of having a few hours in the middle of the day to catch up have long gone for most GPs.

At Wessex LMCs we are increasingly aware of the effect that all this is having on our colleagues. We are seeing more GPs with stress related problems, more with performance issues and more partnerships getting into disputes over workload and relationship difficulties.

The Medical Directors at Wessex LMCs provide some one to one support for colleagues and signpost into existing schemes and several years ago we set up Wessex GPSD in collaboration with Wessex and Severn Deaneries. This provides assessment and resources for doctors to address some educational and development needs that are causing performance problems.

However it is becoming clear that the general level of stress amongst our colleagues is too high and we want to offer some advice and resources to help do something about it. Everyday we help our patients with stress related symptoms whilst ignoring our own. Now is the time to change!

This section of the website will contain some basic information and links to other resources you may find useful.

Caution. . .!!

This is not an alternative to professional help. If you feel, when you have looked at some of the resources here, that your issues go beyond self -help then you should seek help. Go to see your GP, use the confidential help lines and try to talk to your colleagues, family or friends openly about how you feel. Try to create some time for yourself and protect that time. You need time to think. These steps are not easy to take but are essential if you wish to make a positive change and start enjoying your life more.

Information and Resources


What is stress?


If the constant stress of work and life is leaving you feeling disillusioned, helpless and worn out then you may be suffering from burnout.

Organisational Stress:

So far we have considered the implications of stress and burnout for individuals. However we have another important dimension to consider; what are the Practice's responsibilities to manage stress caused by, or made worse by work?

Resources for Stress and Burnout

GP Support and Development Scheme:

Are you finding the demands of modern general practice, your patients and working in the NHS overwhelming. . .??
Wessex GPSD is a confidential educational support service set up by Wessex LMCs and the Deanery to help support the learning needs of GP's across Wessex and is targeted at the helping GPs improve the way they deal with the common issues that many of us face.

Practice Manager Supporters:

Practice Manager Supporters provide ad hoc advice and support to their practice manager colleagues and offer learning opportunities to support Continuous Professional Development for PMs. The PM Supporters offer coaching and mentoring to new and experienced practice managers and have specific training to enable them to appraise fellow practice managers. They offer support in person, via email or on the telephone.

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