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Communication – Consider Use Of

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If roles are changed for the nursing team, tell your insurer as their indemnity may change and they may not be covered to do the work asked for them if the insurer is not informed

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Locum Cover/GP Performer Payments for Parental and Sickness

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  • Consider timing/frequency/value
  • The 4N Chart® is a simple, quick and effective tool for gaining a balanced, qualitative perspective of any issue. When used as part of the improvement process it can help
    an individual and a team focus on where they will get most benefit for least effort: The 4N Chart – Nuggets/Niggles/NiceIfs/NoNos







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Policies and Procedures

  • Keep up to date.
  • Your insurers may offer free HR advice.
  • Refer to
  • Expert and impartial advice is delivered by our team of occupational health professionals. You can chat online to a specialist advisor, email a question or call 0800 032 6235

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Physicians Associates

Faculty of Physician Associates:

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Recruitment and Induction

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Succession Planning

  • Consider for all roles

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The Institute of General Practice Management (IGPM)

The Institute of General Practice Management (IGPM) was formed in December 2020 with the aim of being recognised as the professional body that represents all managers working within general practice in the United Kingdom.

Louise Greenwood chats to the IGPM reps for Wessex about what the IGPM is and how it can help Practice Managers. Listen to the podcast here

Lisa Fall MA.

Member of IGPM (SW Regional Rep; Dorset)


I’m Lisa & I am the IGPM representative for Dorset. I am Practice Business Manager at the Atrium Health Centre in Dorchester and have been here for 4½ years, previous to this I worked at the Adam Practice in Poole for 10 years, and before that a PCT (for those of you who remember them!) in Northamptonshire, so have quite a few years’ experience in Primary Care. I know how this job takes it’s toll on all of us so wanted to support my fellow PMs via the IGPM and am here for any form of support, chat or just even an ear to moan at. So please do contact me, I’m also happy to come along to any meetings (virtual or face-to-face). Special interests include how we can best share information, leadership, HR, and strategic planning.

Nicky Billington

Member of IGPM (Somerset & Wiltshire Rep)


I’m Nicky, the Regional Representative for Somerset and Wiltshire. I live in Wiltshire and worked at a practice there for nearly 10 years before changing jobs in 2017. I now work at Wells City Practice in Somerset and use the long drive each day to prepare myself for the day ahead and then to de-stress on the way home. I love my job and want to support new or struggling managers in general practice. I have been on the receiving end of a lot of support over the years and would like to give back. I am also keen to facilitate formal, role specific training for new and existing managers. I am happy to come and talk at PM meetings, conferences etc

Ed Kennedy

Member of IGPM (Hampshire, Surrey & IOW Rep)


My name is Ed, and I have been in Practice Management since 2016 working across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. I’m currently the Managing Partner at Wickham Surgery in Hampshire. Before the NHS, I worked in the private healthcare sector, first in community pharmacy and then later for a large pharmaceutical. I’m passionate about the profession of Practice Management and leadership in Primary Care. I agree completely when Practice Managers are described as the backbone of GP Surgeries and I became involved with the IGPM to help with their vision in ensuring our issues and perspectives are heard and have representation at national level. I’d love to be invited to your PM meetings / forums to discuss and update all things IGPM. I’m also very happy to be contacted about general Practice Management queries – If I can help I will!

Mark Tyrrell

Member of IGPM (Hampshire Rep)


I fell into the NHS in 2007 when I started managing the office of a GP surgery in Bedfordshire. I relocated to Hampshire in 2010, after working for the ICB , I returned to practice in 2016, becoming a partner in my current practice in Jan 2022. I look forward to meeting you!


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Uniforms and Badges

  • Check there is conformity and consistency

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