The Drug Tariff

The Drug Tariff is produced monthly by the Pharmaceutical Directorate of the NHS Business Services Authority, NHS Prescription Services for the Secretary of State and states:

  • what will be paid to pharmacy contractors for NHS services provided either for reimbursement (the cost of the drugs, appliances etc which you have supplied against an NHS prescription form) or for remuneration (what you are paid as part of your dispensing contract with your local health trust for fees/allowances etc);
  • the rules to follow when dispensing;
  • the value of the fees and allowances you will be paid;
  • the drug and appliance prices you will be paid.

Further details can be found at

The Drug Tariff can be viewed free of charge which offers a PDF version or electronic version. It is updated monthly and the new version can be viewed 3 working days prior to the 1st of each month.

Alternatively a hard copy of the Drug Tariff can be ordered directly from The Stationery Office at the following website:

Wessex LEaD has a 15 minute webinar which introduces you to personally administered items and explains how the FP34 claims process leads to the payment of prescribing drugs income. Specifically it covers:

  • ‘personally administered items’ defined;
  • how to identify the PAIs the practice purchases;
  • how PAI ‘Prescribing Drugs Payments’ are calculated;
  • the importance of PAI income to the practice.

For more details, go to: Ash Lane Consulting – Introduction to PAI

Practice Index also offer a free e-Learning tool to help you check your reimbursement.  For details go to:

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