Support around Drink Spiking

The recent spate of drink spiking and injecting and extensive media coverage has heightened awareness of the risk, especially to young women going out, and not surprisingly has made many anxious and nervous. The Talk About Trust (formally the Alcohol Education Trust) offers support and you can request anti drink spiking resources by emailing

Download the following posters for use in your waiting rooms on your practice website.

Awareness and Support around Drink Spiking Podcast

Dr Laura Edwards, Joint CEO at Wessex LMCs, speaks with Helena Conibear, Founder and CEO of the Talk About Trust (formally the Alcohol Education Trust). The Talk About Trust is a charity which works to keep young people safe around alcohol ,vaping, cannabis and other substances.

They discuss the ongoing issue of drink spiking including:

• The latest stats on how many people are affected
• Common substances used for spiking
• The effects of drink spiking
• How to report drink spiking & the support available

Listen to the podcast here

Information for victims of spiking and what people should do if they have been spiked.










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