Would you like:

  • Head space
  • Space in your day to think
  • A safe place to share and discuss
  • Space to develop, thrive and flourish

Please join one of our ‘Spaces to Thrive

These Spaces will be hosted by one of our PM Supporters and probably run on alternate weeks for about an hour. We will try and group them locally so in time, the groups can meet in a physical space, but currently they will be run virtually.

The PM Supporter will start each Space with a short summary of what the current hot topics are and then each PM can bring something that is currently challenging them or taking up their time that they would like other opinions on. The PM Supporter will have access to all of us at the LMC and so if the group wants some particular HR or finance advice for example, then a speaker can join their Space to help unpick some of the thorny issues that PMs face.

We all know that the next few months will be busy and so we imagine that each of the Spaces will meet for at least 3 months so that no one feels isolated as we face the challenges of the autumn and winter. We think that there is real value in learning and growing together and we want to invest time in you for more than a few weeks.

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How Do I a Join a Space?

Email Louise will group local PMs together where possible to make meeting up easier when we can, and to share local knowledge.

Downloadable Leaflet

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Q. How much does it cost to join one of the ‘Spaces to Thrive’?

A. Nothing! Wessex LMCs is funding the PM Supporter to facilitate the sessions for you – all you need to do is allocate time in your diary.

Q. I don’t have time for this?

A. We know – but actually this might be the most valuable hour of your week! You can quickly get some tips from fellow PMs of how to tackle particular issues, and use the time to plan and prioritise your workload for the week ahead

Q. I already have loads of PM meetings in my diary – how is this one any different?

A. It will be smaller and more personal – and completely confidential. The Spaces will be a place to look at how to prepare for future challenges and what skills you might need as individuals or a group to enable you to relish, not dread, what is on the horizon.

Q. What if I don’t like the people I am put in a Space with?

A. Speak to Louise or the PM Supporter who is running the group and we will talk through some options with you.

Q. Can I leave at any time?

A. Of course you can! We do hope though that the support of your colleagues and the PM Supporter in the Space will help make the next few months easier as you work through common issues together that we know are coming up – eg the Flu Programme. We also hope that there will be space to look at you and your career and your own development needs.

Q. I am a new PM – will I look stupid if I am in a group of experienced PMs?

A. No – we have all been in your shoes. Some areas in our patch are losing some very experienced PMs at the moment. We hope these Spaces will prevent the PMs who are left, feeling isolated and not knowing who to turn to.

Q. Can my deputy attend one of the Spaces?

A. No – we want the Spaces to be for those who feel the ultimate weight of responsibility as this is often the biggest challenge for PMs. However, if there are lots of deputies or team leaders that would like their own Spaces, we could also look at developing these alongside your own Spaces. They might be a brilliant place to develop PMs of the future in our patch!

Q. I am a PCN Manager – can I join a Space?

A. Currently they are for PMs – but if you think a Space for PCN managers would be helpful, then let us know. Email and we can look to develop a network of Spaces for PCN managers too.

Q. To thrive, I think I need some more training and perhaps a Diploma? Do you have any funding for this?

A. Not currently but there may well be other PMs in other Spaces who also feel they need a recognised qualification. Wessex LMCs has some good contacts and will use these to get as much funding as possible to encourage all the PMs in our area to thrive and flourish and be the best that they can be

Q. How do a join a Space?

A. Email Louise will group local PMs together where possible to make meeting up easier when we can, and to share local knowledge.

Our Spaces to Thrive are only available to Practice and Business Managers of Wessex LMCs practices. For any queries, please email

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Take a look at some of the great comments from our current Space to Thrive groups:

“I always come away with a helpful tip – that I didn’t know I needed!!!”

“I’m grateful for all the advice and ideas you have given me!”

“Good to be able to have a chat in a neutral environment”

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Coaching and Mentoring

For info on individual coaching and mentoring click here

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