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The National Performers List website can be accessed at:

These website provides information about the National Performers Lists. There are three national lists for Medical, Dental and Ophthalmic performers. The lists provide an extra layer of reassurance for the public that GPs, Dentists and Opticians practising in the NHS are suitably qualified, have up to date training, have appropriate English language skills and have passed other relevant checks such as with the Disclosure and Barring Service and the NHS Litigation Authority.

The information on these pages is split into two parts, providing different information for different groups of people. The first section provides information for the public; including the facility for members of the public to check the status of their GP, dentist or optician on the relevant performers list. The other section is for current and prospective performers. It contains the documents needed to apply for inclusion on a list, along with guidance on completing forms and supplementary information. It also provides a tool to enable performers to find their Area Team and Responsible Officer.  Please note that applications must be made in person.

The Performers List Regulations are available at:


The following advice has been received from the NHS England South (Wessex) area team and would apply :

All GP trainees (ST1 and ST2) going into their first practice placement, must have submitted their NPL1 application form  to PCSE (pcse.enquiries@nhs.netbefore the start date of their practice placement. Please ask your trainee to provide proof of applying. This will be either a copy of their email submitting their NPL1 or an email from PCSE confirming receipt of their application.

If the trainee has not applied for the MPL, they are not allowed to work in the practice until they have sent in their NPL1 form.

GP ST3 trainees should already be on the MPL and you can check this on the website:

Foundation trainees (F2s) are exempt from being on the Medical Performers List.

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Professional Standards Team

If you are a General Practitioner in the South West of England (including Dorset), you will connect to the local office that manages the performers list for that area:

If you are a General Practitioner in the South East of England, you will connect to the local office that manages the performers list for that area:

  • NHS England & NHS Improvement South East – Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Thames Valley – Email:
  • Jeniene Scott, Head of Professional Standards Email:  Tel: 07824461605
  • Dr Claire Cochrane-Dyet, Deputy Medical Director for System Improvement and Professional Standards, NHS England and NHS Improvement- South East Region Email:
  • Responsible Officer: Dr Shahed Ahmad

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