Pensions – Ill Health Retirement

Depending on your situation and condition there are different options available. You can apply for a particular type, but the option awarded will be decided by a medical assessor.

Tier 1

If you are unable, on a permanent basis, to continue in your present job, you may be able to retire early and take your pension benefits without actuarial reduction.

Tier 2

If you are unable to do any regular employment for similar duration to your current duties, then you may be able to retire early and take your pension benefits without actuarial reduction and with an enhancement.

Less than 12 months life expectancy

If you are under the scheme’s normal pension age you will be awarded the Tier 2 benefits which you can then convert to a lump sum.

For more detail we suggest looking through the links below which will quickly give you an overview of the process. You can ring the office for a confidential chat if you require support.

NHSBSA Summary of ill health decisions – useful summary of how the process works.

BMA advice – comprehensive and easy to read page about ill health retirement.

NHSBSA factsheet about the outcomes that can be given from an application and options e.g., appeals of decisions.

The  ‘member hub’ for the NHSBSA has some helpful videos regarding applying for your NHS pension.


NHS Business Services Authority (NHS Pensions) administer the pension scheme. Contact details below:-

Member helpline: 0300 3301 346 or 0191 279 0571

Opening times: 8.00am to 6.00pm – Monday to Friday

NHS Business Services Authority
Hesketh House
200-220 Broadway

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