Music Licenses & PPL Licensing For Waiting Rooms

If you play music or have the television on in your waiting room, and/or you play music when using your ‘hold’ facility on the phone, then you probably need to obtain ‘TheMusicLicence’.

  • If you play a  radio or have a TV on in your waiting room, you will require a licence
  • If also applies to CDs/MP3s/DVDs/Tapes
  • If you play copyrighted music when using the “hold” facility on your telephone you also will need both a licence
  • You do not need a licence to play royalty-free music.
  • If the music you want to play is not managed by PPL PRS, you may need a licence from  another licensing body .

Both Societies are very helpful when approached and will quote you the tariff for your business needs.

The Performing Rights Society (PRS) collects license fees on behalf of song writers, composers and publishers who own the rights to the musical and lyrical compositions and the Phonographic Performers Ltd (PPL) collects fees on behalf of the copyright owner that produced the recorded music.

In UK law, playing copyright music in public will generally require the consent (or license) of the copyright owner.  This applies to any audience outside the domestic or home circle.

There are some areas of healthcare premises which are exempt from the PRS licensing requirement, but PRS is quite specific in stating that these exemptions do not apply to GP surgeries.

PPL and PRS fees are now collected by one organisation and they have a specific webpage for healthcare at:

Contact details:

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