Monkeypox designated a notifiable disease

Legislation was laid on 7 June 2022 which made monkeypox a notifiable infectious disease under the Health Protection (Notification) Regulations 2010 from 8 June 2022. This means all doctors in England are required to notify their local council or local Health Protection Team (HPT) if they suspect a patient has monkeypox. Laboratories must also notify the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) if the monkeypox virus is identified in a laboratory sample.

Further details, including the latest updates on monkeypox, are available on the website.

NHSE also have a monkeypox publication webpage

The Monkeypox workforce and training guidance as now been updated to reflect the:

  • new batches of Monkeypox vaccine arriving in the UK • new legal mechanisms associated with each batch and
  • intradermal route of injection.

The guidance is to support Workforce Leads and Lead Employers who are providing workforce to deliver immunisation for individuals at risk of exposure to Monkeypox.

All Guidance including for Primary Care : The epidemiology, symptoms, diagnosis and management of monkeypox virus infections.
UKHSA LetterImmediate Actions in Response to Cases of monkeypox Virus in UK with no known travel history
Recommendations for the use of pre and post exposure vaccination during a monkeypox incident
Smallpox and monkeypox: the green book, chapter 29; information for public health professionals.
Protecting you from monkeypox – information on the smallpox vaccination

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