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The General Practice Nurse Role

The Role of the HCA in General Practice


The General Practice Nurse Role

In this podcast Zoe Tobin, Nurse Advisor at Wessex LMCs is joined by Angie Hack, Assistant Director of Nursing Programmes at the Queens Nursing Institute, to discuss the ever-developing role of the General Practice Nurse in primary care. This podcast is aimed at GPNs, anyone interested in becoming a GPN and other members of the practice team who would like a better understanding of the role, such as Practice Managers,

This podcast covers:

  • The skills and qualifications required to undertake the role
  • The different roles in general practice nursing
  • Education pathways for nurses seeking a career in General practice nursing
  • Sources of support for trainee GPNs
  • Resources and contacts to aid practice nurse training and development


General Practice Nursing Induction Template

Standards of Education and Practice for Nurses New to General Practice Nursing – find your local training hub.

Listen to the podcast here

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The Role of the HCA in General Practice

In this podcast our Nurse Advisor Zoe Tobin is joined by Julia O Mara and Julia Judd, trainers from J2S training, who provide valuable comprehensive training for HCAs in general practice for Wessex LMCs, to discuss the role of the HCA in general practice and will cover-

  • Overview of the HCA role and role development
  • Clinical supervision / Accountability and Delegation
  • Extended roles, such as Long-term conditions management
  • Tips for CPD and what to look for when employing a HCA
  • Key resources and support for HCAs.

This podcast would be beneficial for any current HCAs, or anyone interested in the role, it is also beneficial for employers / managers who would like to find out more about the role in practice.

Useful links-

The Nursing Team – Wessex LMCs

Wessex LMCs: Education, Training & Development– we offer a range of training courses for HCA’s, including a 2.5 day course ‘Clinical skills portfolio for Health Care Assistants’.

First Steps | Professional services | Royal College of Nursing (

Primary Care and General Practice Nursing Careers and Core Capabilities Framework

Contact for Julia and Julia-

Listen to the podcast here

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