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GreenGP Wessex

We want to introduce you to GreenGP Wessex. We are a newly formed network of GPs who believe that climate change is a health crisis and that we, GPs, have a responsibility to make primary care greener.

With climate change, we are seeing rising temperatures, more extreme weather, and rising sea levels. All this has an impact on our health.

A recent survey of Wessex GPs, revealed that 96% feel that primary care should be taking action to combat climate change.

We want to enable GPs to share their experiences and ideas to make it EASY to be green (& save money in the process). 

Do you want to be a Green GP? Not sure where to begin?

Start by getting your practice to sign up to Green Impact for Health, you might be surprised at how easy it is to be green:

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Twitter: @GreenGPWessex #GreenGP

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Greener Practice Bristol & Bath

Welcome to Greener Practice Bristol & Bath (GrPB).  This document  Welcome to Greener Practice Bristol  aims to give you an understanding of our group, the work it does and how you can get involved.

Email to join the Greener Practice Bristol & Bath (GrPB) group.

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