GPAS – General Practice Alert State

Stating The Case for General Practice


Colleagues at Devon LMC have developed and operationalised a simple system which collects a small amount of anonymised data from their practices so that they are able to indicate to the broader system the strain General Practice is under in Devon. This presents data in a simple to understand format converting the General Practice Alert State (GPAS) data into an OPEL assessment with associated triggers for a system response to support.

In May 2022, Wessex LMCs felt it to be a valuable and worthwhile tool that will help present facts to our system partners. It has now become an integral part of system dashboards  and it has changed system thinking. Therefore, if through the OPEL reporting it identifies an area with significant pressure this will then enable us to initiate discussions with the ICS to seek a system response to this.

At the end of 2022, GPAS was rolled out across the country and a weekly national SITREP report is being produced and sent to various stakeholders including NHS England, ICBs, County Councils, Hospital and Ambulance Trusts, Public Health, Healthwatch and Members of Parliament.


2022 Launch: Dawn Chalcraft, Deputy Director of Primary Care at Wessex LMCs is discussion with a Practice Manager to explain more. 

2023 A year in: In this podcast, Dr Will Howard, Medical Director at Wessex LMCs talks with Helene Clark, Primary Care Information Officer, and Edd Rendell, Medical Director about the benefits of the scheme and the impact it’s having. 

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