You may have heard the name Wessex LMCs but do you know what the Local Medical Committee looks like or how it works? If you are interested in finding out more then please consider coming along as an observer to one of our committee meetings.  Simply send an email to us at stating which area you work in and we can link you with the right meeting. We have some face to face and some virtual meetings so you can choose whatever might be most convenient for you. GP trainees are also very welcome.

We have had the following feedback:

  •  “Really good experience”
  • “Perfect introduction, very helpful, especially introducing lots of the new terms.”
  • “I better understand not only the function of the LMC but the structure of the NHS in general.”
  • “Firstly it helped me learn more about the NHS and primary care structure and largely about the role of the LMC and how much they have to offer when I eventually qualify as a GP.”
  • “It was really a very helpful and educational experience and has meant I would seriously think about further involvement with the LMC.”

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How to Become an LMC Committee Member

Elections are held every two years under the terms of the LMC constitution, and all GPs are eligible for nomination and election. Sessional GPs i.e. those who are not Partners, may choose to stand in their geographical area, or for sessional seats. Please send your details to should you wish to be considered for election.

Wessex LMCs: About Us

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