The requirement to submit Friends and Family Test (FFT) data was suspended across the NHS in March 2020 and was reintroduced into the GP Contract from 1st April 2022. However, practices will only be required to submit data from Q2 in 22/23 onwards.

GP practices will also be required to implement the new FFT guidance, which includes the following changes to the policy:

  • a new more appropriate mandatory question
  • the practices’ increased ability to design how and when they hear from patients
  • a reduced focus on the numerical data
  • the increased local focus on the free text comments from patients
  • the role of the PPG in making this more about listening and less about collecting data

The key requirements for GP practices will be:

  • make the FFT available for people who want to use it to give feedback (they can use whatever method suits them, including cards on the reception desk, SMS text messages, web page etc)
  • use the standard FFT question (Overall, how was your experience of our service?)
  • include at least one free text question (practices can decide themselves what free text questions to ask)
  • submit monthly data to NHSE using CQRS

The NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT) is a feedback collection system for providers of NHS funded services. The FFT uses a simple question with a range of possible responses from ‘extremely likely’ to recommend, to ‘extremely unlikely’ to recommend.

Providers are required to ask at least 1 follow-up free-text question. Providers are not required to submit the free-text to NHS England. The free text identifies good practice and opportunities to make improvements to patient experience.

Providers are allowed to choose their collection mode, such as postcards, websites, phone calls, SMS etc, and are encouraged to use a range of collection modes.

It’s been a contractual requirement of GPs to implement the FFT since 1 December 2014. Implementation requires monthly data submissions to NHS England from each GP practice, setting out the number of responses received in each response category, and through each collection mode.

NHS England publishes the results each month.

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Provider Options

We have summarised just a few of the options, below, and although we cannot recommend any one provider (and there are others on the market), it is hoped that this gives a flavour of what is available.

For more information, we recommend that practices contact providers directly as costs and terms may vary and we are aware that some providers are making introductory or other offers.

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FourteenFish FFT

  • The cost for the system is £12 per month or £120 per year (including VAT).
  • The system is easy to set up with and you can add as many additional questions as you like and get valuable extra feedback from your patients. There are three options for patients to provide their feedback.
  • Dedicated iPad app (available for free from the Apple App Store)
  • Paper and pen
  • Website entry via
  • All patient feedback and practice information remains confidential and will not be shared or made public without your permission.
  • For more information or to arrange a one month free trial please see or contact FourteenFish or call 01794 231414

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Healthcare Communications FFT

Healthcare Communications offers NHSE compliant Friends and Family Test (FFT) systems. Patients have the option to respond by text, kiosk, online, agent call, paper or leave a voice recording on their experience! Reporting tools and layout are designed by patient experience teams.


  • Real-time dashboard – with 24/7 access and unlimited user accounts
  • High-level results at a glance – Real time response rates and recommendation scores
  • Dashboard word cloud: Click on any word within the cloud and all relating feedback is instantly available
  • ‘Live’ trending positive and negative themes: Up to 10 Key words to immediately alert staff to issues
  • UNIFY reporting – no manual work required
  • Comment reports, Sentiment Analysis & auto reporting – available board to ward
  • Big picture to deep dive – View results specific to department, area or clinician
  • Assign action plans – to identify improvement areas, staff responsibility, and CQC audit trail
  • Real time feedback alerts – for feedback that requires immediate attention – sent by text, email or both
  • Feedback publishing – Selected patient feedback is automatically published to Trust determined microsites including patient waiting room TVs, intranet and Trust websites

More Information

For more information, go to: The Friends and Family Test | Healthcare Communications (

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iWantGreatCare FFT

  • A secure, advanced platform to collect, analyse and interpret patient feedback at high volume that has processed over 6 million patient reviews.
  • Embeds a ‘patient-first’ culture dedicated to quality improvement.
  • Meets regulatory requirements of Friends & Family Test, PHIN, CQC, ABPI.
  • Works in all healthcare settings including across multiple-touchpoint treatment pathways.
  • A team of proven experts in patient engagement strategy.

More Information

For more information, go to: iWGC | Patient Experience Management

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Friends and Family Test for Children & Adults with Learning Disabilities

Our thanks to Gillian Sanders, Practice Manager at The Marine and Oakridge Partnership for sending us a link to both child friendly and adults with learning disabilities friendly version of the FFT survey – you can download a GP/practice nurse form for children and apparently its already been a hit with the Practice’s patients.

For more information, go to:

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