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Published 27th March 2024

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1. Introduction


1. Introduction

The JCVI published their advice for the flu vaccines 24/25, and UKHSA published the annual flu letter to confirm the cohorts for this season.

On 22nd March 2024 NHSE published the 24/25 Seasonal Flu Enhanced Service Specifications for Adults and a separate one for children.

As COVID-19 is likely to be co-circulating with flu again this year, protecting those at high risk of flu, who are also those most vulnerable to hospitalisation as a result of COVID-19, is vitally important. The covid vaccination programme should continue to help minimise hospital admissions, however other control measures may still be required to prevent the spread of the SARs-CoV-2 virus. Added to this, the possibility of delivering both programmes side by side will create more challenges as previously.

You can sign up to receive regular vaccine updates to the Governments flu vaccination programme.

N.B. The Green Book – Influenza, Chapter 19 is published on and you are recommended to check here for the most up to date version.

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