Costing a Service

Many practices are beginning to question whether it is financially viable to provide some of the services they are being asked to provide (those locally commissioned services which are non-contractual).

We are very grateful to our friends and colleagues at Surrey & Sussex LMCs who have agreed to us sharing their new costing calculator tool which may be useful in deciding whether to sign up to provide a new or revised service: Costing Calculator Tool.

To help with using this tool, we have published a “How to” video, which we hope will explain how it works and make it user friendly for you.

Please note you will need to download and save a copy in desktop to be able to edit the cells with your practice actuals.

Skills Matrix

We also have a Skills Matrix spreadsheet that helps look at the workforce costs for the many variable tasks that may be undertaken by various members of staff. It helps to drill down from hours to rate per minute, spent on a task.

It should be noted that the annual salaries are amendable, and each practice should do so, to match their actuals, rather than use the example salaries we have included, for demonstration purposes.

We would also draw your attention to the front instruction sheet included.

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