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GP Supporters

Are you a struggling practice in need of help and guidance?

Wessex LMCs is acutely aware of the increasing number of practices that are really struggling and finding it difficult to recruit new staff and sometimes short term locums, which inevitably means that the situation they find themselves in just gets worse and becomes impossible to turn around. 

For many, what is needed is an experienced GP who can come in and assist for a short period of time to help the practice get back on its feet. The help needed will vary from practice to practice - seeing patients is a must, but assistance with leadership, providing the headspace to think about different ways of working, help to explore working at scale or even merging, plus the provision of advice on practice finance, governance etc. are all available too. 

Wessex LMCs is working with some experienced GPs to provide support to struggling practices both as hands on GPs and as GP leaders in order to ensure that both the clinical and managerial aspects of the practice are being fully examined prior to agreeing a plan towards sustainability. 

Dr Mark Corcoran

Dr Joanne Hadley

Dr Stephanie Hughes

Dr Karen Irwin

Dr Andy Rutland

Dr Adrian Townsend

Our GP supporters are highly experienced GPs from across the Wessex LMCs area. They have a great deal of knowledge and expertise to call on including: training and education, demand management, dispensing, use of all major clinical systems, appraisals, urgent care, hub working and quality improvement.

What can the GP Supporter do for your Practice. . . 

The Process. . .

Practices who wish to take advantage of a GP Supporter will be required to complete and submit a Wessex LMC diagnostic tool and each member of the practice team will be required to complete a short anonymous 360 whole practice feedback - both of these are valuable tools for the GP Supporter to use.  

Once these have been analysed a GP Supporter will agree a date to attend the practice with the aim of a mutual assessment to ensure the practice and the Supporter believe they can work together to achieve a positive sustainable outcome. The assessment day is free of charge to the practice but thereafter, the practice will be expected to fund £600 per day of the GP Supporters time, the balance being subsidised by the LMC. 

The GP Supporter and the practice will agree the number and times of both clinical input and leadership / managerial input to suit the needs of the practice and it is expected that this will be up to a maximum of three months.

If you believe your practice would benefit from this type of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Laura Edwards, Medical Director at 

Please note that if your practice has been awarded resilience funding it  can be used to fund some of this programme (and if you haven't it  might be worth approaching your CCG to see if any funding can be obtained!)

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