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GPs must protect traditional general practice as politicians seek reform...

24 October 2014, GP Online

GPs must retain the traditional strengths of general practice while moulding the inevitable change that will happen in primary care, according to the chief executive of Wessex LMCs.

Dr Nigel Watson told the National Association of Primary Care's Best Practice conference in Birmingham that the political focus across all parties was now placed firmly on primary care. 

He warned that GPs must fight to ensure that continuity of care, patient advocacy, and patients’ ownership of their GP, continue as new models of primary and intermediate are developed.

It would require engagement from the profession, and GPs need to ‘regain control’ of developing models of care, he said.

‘We could just oppose everything, or take a slightly different approach and try to align the government agenda with what we want as a profession,’ he said

To read the full article click here: GPs must protect traditional general practice as politicians seek reform

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