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GPs form radical provider company network across the whole of Northern Ireland. . .

21 February 2014, Pulse

All practices in Northern Ireland are set to form not-for-profit provider companies ‘within six months’ to carry out the work involved in moving services from secondary to primary care, under radical plans formulated by the Northern Ireland GPC.

Wessex LMC chair Dr Nigel Watson said the English legal landscape made the process of forming social enterprises less simple in England, which meant that there was not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ option for England. But he did stress that being not-for-profit was still a very interesting route.

He said: ‘There is a lot of interest in these provider companies being not-for-profit because if we were to set them up to make money off them, and sell them off, that is for many of us not how we go about protecting general practice. There are problems with social enterprises and if you are going to set up a company it has to be a company limited by shares rather than anything else because otherwise you can’t join the NHS pension scheme. So there are all sorts of legal barriers to do with those things and you have to look at individual circumstances for each area.’

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