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GP Support and Development Scheme

A core part of the role of Wessex LMCs is pastoral support.

The LMC offers one to one support for GPs and Practice Managers. Like everyone they might face a range of situations from both challenges in the practice to those in the rest of life. The LMC aims to support and develop individuals as they progress through their careers to support your practice and YOU.


For practice manager support including coaching, mentoring and appraisals please see our dedicated page:

The Wessex LMCs GP Support and Development Scheme (GPSD) was launched on 28th November 2018. The scheme aims to help those who are facing some difficulty whether caused by a negative or a positive situation in life but which is causing them to feel unsettled.

The GPSD scheme is open to all GPs working as either a Partner or Salaried within our membership Practices located in Hampshire, IOW, Dorset, Wiltshire, Swindon, Bath & North East Somerset and the Channel Islands.

For locum GPs practicing in our area we are able to offer membership at a cost of £50 per year which will enable access the GPSD scheme alongside many other great benefits.

The scheme involves an initial confidential chat with a Medical Director. After this, depending on the needs, individualised advice, support and signposting will be offered. The LMC will also offer other potential avenues of support. These can include coaching, GP mentoring, GP Listener support, counselling and facilitation. Apart from the GP Listening service, which is free to access, the elements are co-funded with the individual. The LMC will contribute £50 per session for up to 6 sessions towards coaching or GP mentoring through the scheme and £25 per session for up to 6 sessions towards counselling.

There are other services out there which may be able to offer free support and/or coaching and the LMC will endeavour to make people aware of the lowest cost option they are aware of if it is deemed an appropriate fit for the needs.

The full description of services we offer please see GP Support & Development Scheme - Here to support your practice and you. These include:

The LMC will also provide a pastoral support role before, during and after performance issues, involving either NHS England and local performance procedures or the GMC. These processes can be extremely stressful and GPs need to know that they can turn to the LMC for confidential support whatever the problem. Those under performance procedures will not be eligible for the LMC subsidies but we will still endeavour to help support individuals to meet requirements set by PAGs or PLDPS.

To discuss whether GPSD is right for you simply email the LMC at our confidential email address Alternatively, contact the office on: Tel. 023 8025 3874 and ask for ‘Wessex GPSD’ to arrange for a discussion with a Medical Director at a mutually convenient time. The LMC team are used to dealing with highly confidential situations and information shared with us does not get shared outside of the LMC members of staff you discuss your situation with unless with the permission of the individual or if there is a risk to self or others or GMC rules require otherwise.

A summary of all support available to GPs is available in this document

For mental health, distress, stress, burnout or addiction issues please see the Practitioner Health service which is a national, confidential service for GPs – it is free to access for all GPs and GP trainees.

The Practitioner Health service will help GPs with:

Wessex RCGP

The Wessex Faculty of the RCGP are very keen to support Wessex LMCs in the new GPSDS and would like to propose the following for GPs accessing this scheme providing they are members of the Wessex Faculty as a pilot until 31st March 2020.

Coaching: we would like to contribute £25 per session to the member GP's costs, in addition to the LMC subsidy of £50 per session, up to a maximum of 6 sessions

GP Mentoring: we would like to reimburse 25% of the cost of the session to the member GP, in addition to the LMC reimbursement of 50% of cost of session, up to a maximum of 6 sessions

Counselling: we would like to contribute £10 per session to the member GP's costs, in addition to the LMC subsidy of £25 per session (if counselling accessed through this scheme) up to a maximum of 6 sessions

Please contact the Faculty Office by email to obtain the relevant reimbursement. No details of why the scheme is being accessed will be required, only brief evidence of the relevant expenditure and confirmation of membership with the Faculty office.


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