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GP practices offered £20K grants to boost training places. . .

18 February 2014, Pulse

Exclusive Education chiefs have offered grants of up to £20,000 to address ‘capacity issues’ at training practices, as part of plans to boost the number of GP trainee places in general practice.Investigation: Are we at risk of running out of GPs?

Dr Nigel Watson, chair of Wessex LMC, who also sits on the LETB, said that he knew of 20 practices – including his own – who had been given grants of up to £20,000.

He added: ‘The board has been trying to expand the number of training premises, the availability of suitable premises. They have given grants to surgeries to convert additional consulting rooms. My own practice use to have one registrar, but now we have two. We looked at a meeting room and made it smaller to make a consulting room for the other registrar.’

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