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GP Leadership Fellows

In the face of unprecedented pressures, the landscape of the NHS is changing rapidly, and the centre of gravity is moving rapidly towards Primary Care. This represents an exciting opportunity for new GPs to be involved in improving frontline services for our patients. With the largest curriculum and the shortest time to learn it, many new GPs start out without a clear understanding of the system they'll be working in, the changes being planned around us, or the tools to lead change effectively. It is essential to have strong clinical leadership from both Primary and Secondary Care. Any transformational change will not happen in one year or two but will be a process that occurs over many years; therefore, we need the next generation of clinical leaders to be gaining the experience and skills needed for the future now.

The Next Generation Programme was developed by a group of GP trainees nationally and the LMC is proud to be a supporter of the programme whose aim is to “Energise, Engage and Empower” younger GPs to take up the challenge of clinical leadership. This programme has identified over 60 future leaders of general practice and is designed to help grow and develop their personal leadership skills.

With funding support from NHS England Wessex Area Team and Health Education England, Wessex LMCs has been able to offer the opportunity for a year’s post to 3 GP Leadership Fellows from the cohort who attended the Next General GP Programme: Dr Julia Hempenstall, Dr Sarah Kay and Dr Lizzie Madden. They will each work with the LMC for 2 days a week over the next year, ending September 2019, their key aims being to:

Wessex LMCs GP Clinical Leadership Fellows Update - December 2018

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