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GPAS - General Practice Alert State


General Practice Alert State - Stating The Case for General Practice


Be part of a new national project that converts practice data into an equivalent OPEL assessment which in turn can be used to indicate to the broader system the strain General Practice is under and to trigger a response from our system partners . . .

Colleagues at Devon LMC have developed and operationalised a simple system which collects a small amount of anonymised data from their practices so that they are able to indicate to the broader system the strain General Practice is under in Devon. This presents data in a simple to understand format which can compete with OPEL data collected on various system dash boards. In fact, their system converts the General Practice Alert State (GPAS) data into an OPEL assessment with associated triggers for a system response to support.

Wessex LMCs have reviewed the GPAS system and feel it to be a valuable and worthwhile tool that will help present facts to our system partners that will be hard to ignore! 

The data we collect is entirely anonymous and will be used to state the case for General Practice at system level. In effect we will be creating a narrative so that system partners can no longer say that we have no detailed information from Primary Care. This is a strategic tool and whilst there is a system response protocol you will not necessarily see immediate benefit at Practice level. Devon has been running the system for two years and the data is now an integral part of system dashboards, and it has changed system thinking.  Therefore, if through the OPEL reporting it identifies an area with significant pressure this will then enable us to initiate discussions with the CCG/ICS to seek a system response to this

GPAS will become increasingly difficult to ignore as it gets rolled out across the country and ultimately LMCs and GPC will have access to a national dashboard which we will all be contributing to.

SO, what does this mean for you. . . .? Every Tuesday, we will send you an email with a link to a form and an attachment. The attachment is a small “how to” guide to show how to get this data from your systems, and the form will ask you to provide us with the following information which should be easily accessible from your clinical system. The data you enter will automatically be uploaded into the Wessex GPAS system:-

  1. What is your Alert Status?
  2. What is your locality?
  3. What is your PCN?
  4. If you have assessed your Practice at Alert State Red or Black and would you like a support call from the LMC please email our secure and confidential inbox
  5. For those that would like to leave any additional comments please enter them in the box below; these will remain confidential and not shared.
  6. How many contacts did you have on Monday this week?
  7. What is your list size?

We see this tool as a vital aid to monitor and compare the status of General Practice to that of the Secondary Care Opel system which in turn will hopefully make our system partners react accordingly.

2022 Launch: Dawn Chalcraft, Deputy Director of Primary Care at Wessex LMCs speaks with Andy Mintram, Business Manager at The Adam Practice to explain more. 

2023 A year in: In this podcast, Dr Will Howard, Medical Director at Wessex LMCs talks with Helene Clark, Primary Care Information Officer, and Edd Rendell, Medical Director about the benefits of the scheme and the impact it’s having. 

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