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GP Appraisals & Employment - Audio & Video Webinars and Recorded Webinars

You can record your reflections on this form or via your learning diary here: . CQC is particularly keen to see any evidence of your watching/listening and how you apply it.

What’s New with Appraisals? - 22nd July 2021

Dr Susi Caesar and Dr Sue Warren join Wessex LMCs Medical Director, Dr Laura Edwards, to discuss how the appraisal process has changed since the pandemic. They also discuss top tips for preparing for your appraisal and what you should expect from the process.

Dr Susi Caesar is a GP Locum, Regional Director for the Wessex Appraisal Service and Chair of the Academy of Royal Colleges Professional Development Committee.

Dr Sue Warren is an appraiser, GP Locum and clinician at Practitioner Health.

Sessional GP Discussion with a focus on Pensions

Dr Julia Hempenstall, GP Fellow at Wessex LMCs, discusses pensions for sessional GPs with Dr Krishan Aggarwal. Krishan is a member of the sessional GPs subcommittee, GPC UK and deputy chair of the BMA pensions committee.

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