GP Locum Membership


  • Click here to set up your GP Locum membership – to be eligible for locum membership you should be working as a locum within the Wessex LMCs area for the majority of your locum commitment.
  • Locum membership at a cost of £55 per year, which is also usually a tax-deductible expense.   Your locum membership payment supports the LMC to do our work representing and supporting you and the profession to allow you to concentrate on doing your job.

The benefits of being a paid locum member include:

  • Advice when you need it – ask the LMC when you don’t know who else to ask – we’re here to help.
  • Access to the LMC member rate for our highly rated LMC educational events.
  • Ability to stand as a Committee Member and represent your colleagues.
  • Vote in Committee elections.
  • Access to the LMC newsletter mailings which provides ‘hot off the press’ news, information and LMC opinion.
  • Advice about appraisal or revalidation and support through complaints and/or performance issues.
  • Free access to the locum availability section where you can add your availability to our website for practices to view and make contact – which is an area our practices often access.
  • Support and access to helpful information relevant to your professional practice at any time of day or night from our excellent website. (please click on the following link (add link) which is a short video providing an overview of our new website and its functionality)
  • Access and support for our podcasts that keep you informed and add to your CPD.
  • Access to our GP Support Offer – your payment also helps support your colleagues who may be in distress.
  • Pages of valuable information: Working as a Locum / Sessional GP – Wessex LMCs

All GPs report that their workload has increased over the last few years; it is also clear that general practice is barely coping with the daily workload, and we know that increasingly patients are becoming more complex and challenging. In addition to your own workload, you bear the impact of the rest of the system when it is overwhelmed, and their access is restricted.

As the voice of General Practice at a local level we work every day to represent you and try to ensure that work is done in the right place and adequately resourced. We also work to support individual GPs and their practices on a wide range of contractual and professional issues.

In the current climate we hope that you find the wealth of knowledge, guidance and support that Wessex LMCs can share with you via our newsletters, webinars, podcasts and educational events of great benefit to you.  As a GP we hope you will have benefited from our work and support either directly as an individual or indirectly via the practices in which you work.

Now more than ever we need a strong voice to represent General Practice at a local level and we are asking for your support as a GP in our area to contribute towards this work done on your behalf.