GPC England Non-Statutory Ballot – Vote YES

GPC England has voted to move to Phase One of Saving General Practice, with the announcement of a ballot for GP contractors / partners across England, ahead of prospective action commencing on 1 August.

In March, 99.2% of nearly 20,000 GP BMA members voted ‘No’ to reject the 2024/25 GP contract. Almost 75% of the votes cast were from GP contractors / partners – the practice employers and contract-holding BMA GP members

GP contractors / partners have said they are ready to take action and take it soon. The online ballot will outline a menu of actions which will not breach GP contracts. But GP contractors / partners are the key decision makers: able to take small steps leading to a big impact to “Protect Practices and Protect Our Patients.”

GP contractors / partners will be asked to vote YES to send a message to the Government.

We are committed to fight for the future of General Practice. We will reassure our patients that ‘GPs Are On Your Side’.

The ballot opened on Monday 17 June and close on Monday 29 July ahead of action commencing from Thursday 1 August.

Please login to to make sure your personal details, job roles, place of work and best contact email are correct. If you experience any issues, please email for support. Please look out for an email from Civica which will allow you to vote.

Your details MUST be up to date for your vote to count

Further Reading

A suite of documents relating to the GP contractual arrangements, which includes guidance, financial information and contract specifications, for 2024/25 have been published by NHS England.

Find out about the current contract changes and read BMA FAQs to learn what this means for you.

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