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Motivational speaker (and Olympic Gold Medallist) – Garry Herbert. From Golden Pond to Goldman Sachs, Garry has amassed a wealth of knowledge, leadership skills and experiences (of the good, the bad and the downright terrible), from building and leading diverse teams to understanding risk management and the importance of the playing the long game

Inspiring Change – Polly Neate CBE (Chief Executive of Shelter & Non-Executive Director of Wessex LMCs). Polly will share her experience of change and innovation in business, how this needs to apply to general practice and her success using social media

Digital Journey Planners & Digital Transformation Managed Services – online self-assessment systems and much more

Safe Working – what exactly is it? How does it work? Come to hear case studies from around the Wessex patch and pick up ideas for which bits might actually work and make a positive difference to you and your patients

Intelligent Automation – Automation solutions for high volume admin tasks

You can’t afford not to change! – Martin Fischer ( Fischer Associates, Altogether Better) challenges current systems of working and introduces new concepts and evidence for how a brighter future might look

VR headsets and scenarios with a full mannequin – the new way of learning

Social Media – don’t be scared to get involved. Hands-on tips for what to do and how from those who have had success in our patch.

UTIs in General Practice – some practices estimate that UTIs take up 15% of appointments. Listen to a Scientist explain how to change this

Next generation products –  care enablement, online triage, AI triage, self bookings, redirecting requests, capacity planning

Where can I find the funding? How do I know what to change, when and how? – don’t leave the conference before getting the tools to enable you to put new ideas into practice

We do hope you can join us!