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General Practice - The Facts

In the past GPs worked in their practice during the day and also covered patients overnight.  The change to split day time working from overnight was done because it was not seen as being safe to be up much of the night and then work the next day and be expected to make safe decisions.

Between 2002 and 2011 the number of full time equivalent Consultants has increased by 54%, GPs by 23% and Practice Nurses by 14%.

A full time GP in England works an average of 50 to 60 hours per week.  On an average day a GP will see 30–40 patients in the surgery, undertake 2-3 home visits, and carry out anywhere between 5-20 telephone consultations.

The majority of newly qualified GPs are female.  This has had a positive impact on general practice in terms of offering patients choice.

More GPs are now working part time. This may be due to family commitments but may also be because they have other roles outside the practice

We are not perfect and are always seeking to improve our services to meet your needs but we need your help and support. 

Important information about General Practice and your GP

We know that most patients value their Practice and GPs.

The facts about general practice in 2013 are somewhat different from those that are frequently reported in the national media. 

The NHS is not perfect and can always improve. For every episode of poor care there are thousands of positive experiences.

GPs are committed to provide high quality, patient centred care.  We hope we achieve this for you and your family. 

The current life expectancy in England is 81 years, which is better than the USA at 80 years.

Over the last 10 years the average life expectancy in England has increased by 2 years. It has been acknowledged that the excellent care provided by GPs and their practice teams has made a significant contribution to this.

Please work with us to provide the best level of care we can for you and your family. This leaflet has been produced for patients by a body that works on behalf of GPs to try and put a more balanced and objective view to the patients of this practice.

General Practice - The Facts

General practice is seen by many as the “jewel in the crown” of the NHS, yet the media coverage would suggest that everything that goes wrong in the NHS is now the fault of the GPs.

In 2013, a US Healthcare  Think Tank, the Commonwealth Fund, praised the NHS for offering the best primary care services in the world.

Interesting facts about general practice:

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