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Flu Vaccinations 2018/2019


The LMC recognises the conflicting advice that has been issued about which influenza vaccines practices should be using. The details included in this pack have now been released by NHS England and should be considered as the definitive advice.

The aim must be to use the most effective vaccine for the population.

We have put together a comprehensive guide - FLU VACCINATIONS - TOP TIPS 2018 - 2019 -  incorporating a list of common questions with answers, adapted and taken directly from the NHS and Public Health web pages Governments publication for 2018/19. For additional information. please refer to this document. We have also added links to some useful websites.

You can sign up to receive regular vaccine updates to the Governments flu vaccination program by clicking on this link. 


The information in our guide has also been separated into the following individual web pages:


Wessex LMCs in collaboration with the LPCs within our area have been working together on the “Flu Free Wessex” campaign.

We will be using a combination of social media and local press to promote flu vaccine uptake. Within the local media messaging will be included to encourage patients to get their flu vaccination with each month focussing on a different group:

A Facebook page along with Twitter & instagram accounts have been developed as part of the campaign and would ask practices to include these on your websites

FREE online updates for staff administering flu vaccines can be accessed here:

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