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Flu 2019/20 - How should vaccines be stored and handled?

How should the vaccines be stored and handled?

Inactivated influenza vaccines should be stored between 2°C and 8°C in the original packaging to protect the vaccine from light. Temperature readings should be recorded, and everyone involved in the administration and giving of vaccines familiar with the cold chain. The practice policy should be updated on an annual basis. The safety of vaccines is a frequent issues raised by the CQC .

LAVI should be stored at 2-8 degrees centigrade. Fluenz Tetra has an expiry date of 18 weeks.

Recommended vaccine storage containers should be used when transporting vaccines between different locations.

Clinicians administering the vaccine are recommended to check manufacturers advice. For example Fluad should be brought to room temperature before use and should not be used if frozen or has reached freezing point.

What if there is a vaccine storage incident, including cold chain issues?

Should vaccines be inadvertently stored outside the recommended temperature range of 2°C to 8°C, the vaccine should be quarantined, and risk assessed for suitability of continued off-label use or appropriate disposal. This should be raised as a significant event .

Further advice on vaccine stability or cold chain storage incidents should be obtained from your local screening and immunisation teams .

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