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Flu Vac 2018/19 - PGD's

Please refer to the advice on our Wessex LMCs web page re the use of PGDs & PSDs.

Intramuscular inactivated influenza vaccine: PGD template

Live attenuated influenza vaccine (Fluenz Tetra®) : patient group direction (PGD) template

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Patient Group Direction Downloads - Standalone PGDs

PGDs in the South West 

Group PSD for flu administration

We do have to be mindful of the guidance around PGDs & PSDs and ensure we fulfill the recommendations.

What is a PSD?

“A written and authorised instruction to administer a medicine to a list of individually named patients where each patient on the list has been individually assessed by that prescriber. The prescriber must have adequate knowledge of the patient's health and be satisfied that the medicine to be administered serves the individual needs of each patient on that list.

A written instruction applying to a group of patients where the patient/s are not individually identified i.e. a PSD could not state ‘All patients attending the practice’s ‘flu vaccine clinic on date dd/mm/yyyy’ but needs to be a list of all named patients due to attend the clinic who have been individually assessed by the prescriber as suitable for treatment and be signed and dated by a prescriber (this does not need to be completed for each entry but can be once for the entire list).”

“Group PSD”

This is a link to a group PSD adapted from one written by Diane Coulthard who is an excellent trainer in vaccinations and immunisations. You could adapt this in your practice to allow HCAs and staff not directly employed by the practice and not non-medical prescribers e.g. paramedics/pharmacists to administer flu vaccines.

In addition, we would recommend that the following needs to be put in place;

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