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Flu 2023/24


We are aware that there has been understandable concern and confusion over when practices can commence this season’s influenza vaccinations.

The BMA have advised that:-

In line with section 3.1 of the Flu Enhanced Service, practices should proceed with any Flu clinics they have already arranged and proceed with contacting eligible patients to fill those scheduled Flu clinics, in anticipation of the delivery of the influenza vaccines next month.

You can read the full BMA communication at Seasonal influenza and COVID-19 vaccination programmes | GPC guidance (


NHSE have also sent out a letter (10.8.23) stating:-

"Payment for vaccinations will ordinarily only be made following the service commencement date. However, we understand that some firm commitments and appointments have already been made, so where this is the case and the patient wishes to receive flu vaccination in September, NHS England will permit payment claims to be submitted."

However, we would strongly recommend that practices keep a systems audit trail, so that it can be evidenced, should it be needed at post payment verification, of vaccines given in September. It would also be useful to have evidence that you were committed to running the clinics in September eg staff rotas, vaccine delivery and storage arranged, room bookings etc. NHSE have now published a further " Additional Guidance " for the Enhanced Service, document that we would suggest you take a look at.


We hope this gives practices the assurance that they can continue with booked clinic appointments from September for Seasonal Flu vaccinations.


It is of note that the IOS Fee for seasonal flu, as stated in the Enhanced Service, is £10.06, however, the payment for administering the Covid-19 vaccine is just £7.54.

The failure to uplift Flu IOS fee and the reduction in Covid IOS fee has lead the BMA to urge practices/PCNs to look closely at the Covid vaccination programme with regards to its financial viability.

However, on 30th August, NHSE published details to accelerate the programme for winter vaccination that offers a time-limited funding uplift for Covid-19. You can read full details at 

For those who have signed up to deliver Seasonal Flu only, this update overrides the official delay that was originally requested for the adult’s programme to start in October and the “ask” is now to start on the 11th September.

However, if you have firm commitments for clinics prior to this date, then we believe the NHSE letter 10.8.23, as above, stands, and you can continue as you originally planned.


Flu Vaccinations Top Tips 2023-24

Please click on this image to download a copy of our top tips - updated 15.9.23

GP seasonal influenza enhanced service specification (adults and at risk)

This document is the Seasonal Influenza vaccination Enhanced Service Specification for General Practice for the 2023/24 seasonal influenza vaccination programme.

GP seasonal influenza enhanced service specification (children)

This document is the Childhood Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Enhanced Service Specification for General Practice for the 2023/24 childhood seasonal influenza vaccination programme.

Flu Training & Education

Wessex LMCs offer introductory and update training for the Flu Vaccine. Find available dates here

2023-24 Flu Lunch & Learn - training package to run in practice

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