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Flu 2021/22 Staff Training

PHE  training recommendations for Flu 2021/22

With the ongoing Covid-19 vaccination programme now moving into Phase 3 through the winter and the possibility of co-administration alongside the seasonal influenza vaccine, it is vitally important that those administering the influenza vaccine are confident, competent and have up to date knowledge about the vaccines they are giving.

Public Health England (PHE) has published their training recommendations for flu immunisation training for the 2021 to 2022 flu season. It describes what flu immunisers need to know and various ways in which they can obtain training.

The documents include:-

Wessex LMC can help you with these training requirements

Do any staff need to take Basic Life training or an update to ensure they are confident and competent to deal with an emergency? Check Wessex LMCs events page to find our forthcoming BLS & Flu training dates.


Use of non-registered staff to administer flu vaccines

As part of the Covid vaccine programme non-registered professionals were trained to administer the Covid vaccine. Some practices have asked whether this workforce could also be utilised to administer the flu vaccine. We have raised this question at a national level and awaiting a response.

HCAs who are trained and deemed competent will continue to play a key role in the flu vaccine programme this year. Wessex LMCs: HCA Competency Standards

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