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Flu 2021/22

As always, we have put together a comprehensive range of information and resources for the Seasonal Influenza Programme in our guidance book - Flu Vaccinations Top Tips 2021 - 22. 

We appreciate that this guidance is a large document. To make it easier to navigate, you will find an Index on page 4. Click on the relevant heading and you will be taken directly to that section. A list of the topics included can be found below.





A guide to the topics included in our book, Flu Vaccinations Top Tips 2021 - 22.

Phase 3 - Covid-19 Vaccination (Winter) Programme  
Service Delivery during Covid-19  Models of delivery
   CQC & alternative locations for delivery
   Indemnity at other locations
Flu programme 2021/22  Enhanced Service Specifications
   Who is eligible to receive the vaccine under the enhanced service
   What are the vaccine Age indications and Ovalbumin content
   Which vaccines should be used?
   Childhood flu vaccination programme
Storage of Vaccines  How should the vaccines be stored and handled?
   What if there is a vaccine storage incident, including cold chain issues?
Running a Clinic  National Protocol, PGDs & PSDs
   Authorising Signature
   PGDs use in Primary Care Networks
   Registered Nurses Employed by a Care/Nursing Home & PGDS
   Recording Information
   Use of Administrators
   How is the injectable flu vaccine given?
   Can you give the vaccine subcutaneously?
   Can the flu vaccine (LAIV) be given with other vaccines?
Administration and Achievement  Vaccine Uptake Ambition
   Claiming for vaccines and other funding
   Accessing centrally procured vaccine stock
FAQs  What about vaccination of patients taking anticoagulants or with a bleeding disorder? 
   What if you are unsure if a patient has already had a flu vaccination?
   What about patients who have recently been diagnosed with the flu?
   What about patients who have recently been diagnosed with Covid-19?
   Does a GP have to be on the premises when the flu clinic is running?
   Can HCA’s work alone without direct supervision/access to a registered professional? 
   Accountability & Delegation
   Staff Training
  Practice Staff
Useful Websites / Resources