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Flu 2019/20 How is the Injectable flu vaccine given ?

How is the injectable flu vaccine given?

The inactivated influenza vaccine should be administered as an intramuscular injection using a 25mm needle

For infants aged six months to one year, the anterolateral aspect of the thigh should be used.

For those aged one year and over, the deltoid muscle in the upper arm is the preferred muscle.

Fluad is being supplied with an orange hub 25mm needle and should not confuse this needle with the shorter orange (16mm) needle used to give subcutaneous injections.

The needle is suitable for use with patients taking anticoagulants or with a bleeding disorder.

Fluad will be in syringes that are pre-filled and the needle will be supplied separately (Luer Lock Presentation) which means the needle will have to be attached to the syringe before administration.

Can you give the vaccine subcutaneously?

Fluarix Tetra and FluadĀ® are not licensed for subcutaneous administration so should only be administered intramuscularly.

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