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Finance - Audio & Video Podcasts and Recorded Webinars

You can record your reflections on this form or via your learning diary here: CQC is particularly keen to see any evidence of your watching/listening and how you apply it.

Bite Size on Budgets & Cashflow

A 'bite-size' training session specifically designed for Practice Managers and Team Leaders.

Matt Perkins and Sue Scott will lead this 25minute session for any Managers in the Practice looking at budgets and cash flow.

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Presentation Slides

Exeter Pay Code List

Advanced Finance for Practice/Business Managers

Roger Morgan (Sandisons Accountant) leads this webinar session with input from Sue Scott (Practice Manager Supporter). Sandisons is a Specialist Medical Accountants, and Roger Morgan is very familiar with the finances of general practice. Sue Scott is an experienced PM who brings a very practical flavour to the session and helps unpick all those financial issues that challenge PMs. (NB: This was recorded on 20 October 2020 - All information was correct at that time)

Presentation Slides

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Managing the Finances

In this podcast Louise Greenwood speaks to Wessex LMCs PM Supporter Sue Scott about managing finances in practice and tips which can be used to support you. Further Reading: and

Contact for Sue Scott:

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Planning for the end of the financial year

Matt Perkins, PM Supporter & PM in the New Forest, discusses what PMs need to think about as the end of the financial year approaches with Louise Greenwood, Director of Education and Training at Wessex LMCs. Please see below resource documents in conjunction with this podcast.

Budget 2018-19

Cashflow calculator

Incoming Reporting Checklist

Salary Totals

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Planning for the beginning of the financial year

This second podcast looks at the end of the financial year & planning for the new one, budgeting, the Ready Reckoner and lots more

NHS Ready Reckoner:

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FP34s and Prescribing Drugs Income

Presented by Richard Hole, Ash Lane Consulting. This 15 minute recorded webinar introduces you to Personally Administered Items and explains how the FP34 claims process leads to the payment of Prescribing Drugs Income. Specifically it covers:

Suitable for:

In addition to this free webinar, Ash Lane also run a range of in-depth live webinars tailored to the different roles in the practice. Please visit the Ash Lane website for more information. PLEASE NOTE: You will receive a 7% discount on all bookings with Ash Lane if you mention Wessex LMCs.

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