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CQC Access Visits – Supportive Information:

Wessex LMCs: CQC Pre-Inspection & Access Visits - Supportive Information


There are currently huge issues with locum pensions. Please see the blog below that gives the latest position with regards to negotiations at a national level with Capita.

Type 2 Medical Practitioner Forms:

This is a reminder that the Type 2 medical practitioner form deadline for submission is now fast approaching. The deadline for submission is 28th February 2018 for the financial year 2016/17.

This is the reconciliation process for the NHS Pension scheme to bring together all your earnings if you have done any ‘Type 2 work’ to check you have paid the right contributions– see checklist below to see if you are a ‘Type 2 medical practitioner’. Pension contributions are done on a tiered basis – this process allows them to check you have been in the right tier and so paid the right amount.

Every GP who had any type 2 medical Practitioner NHS Pension Scheme membership from 01/04/2016 to 31/03/2017 must, under the Regulations complete the form.

A type 2 medical Practitioner is:

· a salaried GP formally employed by a GP practice, APMS contractor or by a Local Health Board

· a long term fee based/self employed GP who works for a GP practice, APMS contractor, Local Health Board for a period of, generally, six months or more

· a GP who works solely on an employed or self employed basis for an Out of Hours Provider that is not an NHS Trust/Foundation Trust

· a GP who works for a CCG on a self-employed basis · a GP who does GPwSI work.

If a GP had more than one type 2 post in 2016/17 they must include all posts on this form and send a copy to each relevant PCSE /Local Health Board.

· If a GP had a GP Provider (type 1) post and a salaried/assistant (type 2) post in 2016/17 they must complete a GP Provider Certificate of pensionable income as well as the type 2 assessment form. If they also perform freelance GP Locum work they must continue to use GP Locum forms A and B.

· If a GP had a type 2 post and a GP locum post in 2016/17 they must complete the type 2 self-assessment form

· If a freelance GP locum did no GP work other than locum work in 2016/17 then they do not need to complete the type 2 self–assessment form.

The form and associated guidance can be found here:

Completed forms can be submitted online or by post:


Primary Care Support England, PO Box 350, Darlington, DL1 9QN.

We would strongly suggest that you retain a copy and evidence of email submission or proof of delivery.

We urge you to fill out this form and consider reviewing your own ‘Total Rewards statement’ (which requires you to register) but allows you to then check your pension contributions. To start this process see this link:

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