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Enhanced Services

Directed Enhanced Services (DES) are nationally negotiated services, which are over and above those provided under GMS/PMS/APMS contracts, which the ICB (delegated by NHSE) are obliged to commission. 

Directed Enhanced Services in 2023/24

The details for these can be found in the NHS - Primary Medical Services (Directed Enhanced Services) Directions 2023

Finance details can be found in the Statement of Financial Entitlements Directions.

Additionally the following enhanced service will continue for 2023

Weight Management - Full details in the specification.


NHSE Enhanced Service Specification for those delivering the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Seasonal Flu

NHSE usually publish and run this enhanced service from 1st September to 31st March each year. Please visit the Wessex LMCs flu pages each year for full details. Flu 2023/24.

The specification is usually made available at the appropriate time on the NHSE GP Contract webpage.

Locally Commissioned Services (LCS)


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