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Practice Managers Newsletter - March 2018

Date sent: Thursday 8 March 2018

Email sent by Wessex LMCs, on Thursday 8th March 2018

This is the first in the series of newsletters for 2018 which we hope you find useful.


The BMA have released guidance on the GDPR which can be accessed on their website.  We are currently reviewing this and will provide our thoughts on this shortly.

We are also planning on running monthly webinars starting in March, through to June whilst information becomes available specifically for general practice and dates will be circulated soon.

Locum A&B Pension Payments - Online process

Please see below an update from the BMA regarding Locum A&B pension payments:

We’ve been informed that PCSE apparently now require sessional doctors to make their pension contributions via BACS and to send an accompanying email notification on the standard PCSE enquiry form. Please note that you need an NHS mail email address to do this.

The good news is that you will at least get an acknowledgement of the email for your records, but it seems that any emails sent after 20th Dec 2017 to the old address will not be responded too and that it will not be monitored in future

Details of the process can be found at:

SNOMED - Look up tables

In light of the implementation of SNOMED in April 2018 where Read codes & CTV3 codes are being replaced with SNOMED codes, it may be useful where practices have created their own templates or local Read codes to look to see what new codes may be available.  This can be done by looking at the website below and selecting either "Read Version 2 to SNOMED mapping look up" or "CTV3 to SNOMED mapping look up".

Deceased Patients Medical Records

As many of you will have discovered, GP2GP does not work when records are being returned to PCSE. So, when a patient dies or moves abroad you will need to print the full medical records of these patients and send them to PCSE through the usual route.

Where a patient has moved practices and the medical records have successfully transferred through GP2GP (receipt report received) practices do not need to print out the electronic records. The Lloyd George envelope simply needs to be returned to PCSE in the usual way preferably with an inserted note to say GP2GP actioned.

Flu Ordering 2018/19 

As you will be aware there has been much discussion and confusion regarding the ordering of flu vaccinations for 18/19 flu season.

The key document to note is a letter from NHS England which can be accessed here

The LMC recognises the conflicting advice that has been issued about which influenza vaccines practices should be using. The details below have now been released by NHS England and should be considered as the definitive advice.

The aim must be to use the most effective vaccine for the population.

1. The adjuvanted trivalent vaccine (aTIV) should be used for all patients aged 65 and over. This is the most effective vaccine for this age group.

2. The quadrivalent vaccine (QIV) for 18 - under 65s at risk. This vaccine will be used in the childhood vaccines and is the most effective in this age group.

If you have already ordered vaccines for 2018/19 this should be reviewed and orders should now follow the advice given above.

Suppliers have confirmed that there will be enough aTIV and QIV to meet the demand.

Orders will need to be placed by the 29th March 2018.  Seqirus has extended its 'early bird' pricing until the 29th March so the LMC Buying Group  have updated their guidance on their website .  

Delivery Dates:

Seqirus have made this decision due to the unprecedented demand on their resources.

The vaccine will be in syringes that are prefilled and the needle will be supplied separately (Luer Lock Presentation), which means the needle will have to be attached to the syringe before administration.

If you have any problem placing or amending your order please contact your local NHS England Public Health Team.

There has been concern about the funding for these vaccines which are more expensive than some vaccines used this year. NHS England have confirmed additional funding has been made available to ensure practices can deliver these vaccines to their registered population.

Pneumococcal Boosters 

Please be aware that to claim for pneumococcal boosters you need to complete a change request form and submit this to Public Health within your local Area Team. These cannot be claimed through CQRS.

Needle Stick Injuries

We have recently received queries regarding needle stick injuries and can confirm that Heales Medical provides this service which is available to all staff.

When a member of staff sustains a needle stick injury they need to contact the number on the Heales Medical poster and they will be able to access advice/support from them. This includes any blood tests that may be needed, however if vaccinations are required these are not part of the service and the Practice will need to identify a service to provide these which could be from the patient’s own practice or an occupational health service.

Patient Identifiable Information

Please can we remind practices that the LMC does not have email addresses and are therefore unable to receive patient identifiable information.  If you need to share a document with us please can you anonymise it before sending.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Shortage - update

A recent letter has been issued by Public Health England regarding the phased re-introduction of hepatitis B for lower priority groups and the implications for general practice.  Click here to access the letter.

Prescribing Codes

With the advent of working at scale, super partnerships etc we have been notified that some practices, due to the lengthy delays by PCSE, are using prescribing codes assigned to a different practice which is, in effect, a breach of the Regulations.

Whilst a GP joining a practice can use the code of another GP in the Practice whilst awaiting their own code it cannot be used for other locations even within the same CCG area.

GP Appointments Data Audit Update

NHS England has commissioned a repeat survey of each GP surgery in England in order to better understand waiting times in General Practice, this will be repeated every 6 months. The last survey was carried out in October 2017. The survey will run through March, and will involve every practice in England receiving a telephone call. NHS England has advised the call will last no longer than three to four minutes, and will ask when the third next available routine appointment is. The BMA advice is as follows:

Compliance with this survey is voluntary and practices should only participate if they are willing and able to do so.

Rent Reviews - Dispute

Please note that rent review disputes have a three year time limit attached before the dispute will be classed as terminated. The three years starts from the date on which the practice rejects the rent offer made by NHSE or your CCG. All the professional medical surveyors are aware of this and any delays by the CCG or NHSE are NOT taken into account so you do need to keep pushing for a response or submit a formal dispute to the NHSLA – all within three years of the dispute arising.

CQC - Sepsis

We have received feedback from practices who have had recent CQC visits that they are focussing on sepsis. 

We do have a Lunch & Learn on this topic which can be undertaken with your team.  To access the full information you will need to be logged into our website.

LEaD update from Louise Greenwood

GPFV monies for Practice Managers are coming through now. As soon as I know more, I will email you. There looks like more funding for appraisals for PMs and also money for coaching and mentoring. Do take up these opportunities when you can as they may not come round again!

We have updated our ‘Emergencies in General Practice’ Lunch and Learn training resource to include scenarios like what to do if there is no water at the practice, and what to do if your clinical system goes down. There are also clinical scenarios including what to do if there is a patient who has had a suspected heart attack. It is a good, fun way of learning for the whole practice team, great to enforce the value of the Business Continuity plan which CQC often ask about, and brings out the importance of the part every individual plays in an emergency.

There are lots of courses on our website already listed for 2018 – do have a look here and contact me if you need any more information

As ever, do contact me directly if I can help further 

Items of Interest

Practice Manager Conferences - further information can be found on our website (Swindon or Hampshire)

Practice Manager Podcast - In this podcast Louise Greenwood, Wessex Local Education, Training and Development Manager (LEaD) tells Ben Gowland, Director, Ockham Healthcare about the activities that have been put in place to support practice managers

We hope you have found this newsletter useful and please do let us know if you have any queries.

Carole, Lisa & Michelle

Directors of Primary Care

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